My lovely little canine

I love you

Yes, I do

A lot

Don’t want to go anywhere

Without you

I cannot bear

To put you in the crate

Those brown reproachful eyes

Those little paws

That go pitter-patter

Follow me everywhere

Like I am your heroine

Your love, your light

Can’t you see?

My lovely little canine

I am broken

I am scarred

Not sure I can handle

The love you give

The love you want

Then again

Do you see something?

Beyond the scars?

Beyond the walls?

Beyond the numbness?

Do you believe?

I deserve love

I deserve

To be your light

Is that why you are here?

To make me feel

To make me realize

To make me experience

The self-worth, the self-love I’ve lost

Is that why you are here?

Because you want

To be my light

To be my medicine

To be my life

Is that why you are here?







A tenuous thread

There used to be a spark

A tenuous thread

Now hate has taken over

And left an indelible mark

Didn’t we have something?

Together we laughed

we cried, we shared

And now….

The thread has been broken

The spark was put out

All we share is hate

A dislike of each other

What comes out of our mouth

It hurts, it maims

What happened to us?

Where did we go wrong?

What did we lose?

Maybe it never was

Maybe a figment of our imagination

Maybe this is the truth

Maybe this is reality

The heart is shattered

The so-called love gone

No more caring and sharing

Get out soon, can you?

Can’t stand you

You were a mistake

Leave NOW

I want to erase the past

Go, scram!