I see the homeless man


Sombrero on head

Beads around his neck

Boombox in hand

He walks his own path

To his music

Some days he pan handles

Others – he rocks out to the music


Should I pity you?

Or envy you?

Oh, homeless man

Have you hit rock bottom?

Or have you attained Nirvana?

You seem not to care

About what others think

You seem not to care

About how you have to dress

You seem not to worry

About your next meal

You seem not to worry

When the elements rage

Have you broken free from the shackles?

Or have you given up?

Unable to bear their weight

Either way

You are unabashedly

living, dressing, behaving

The way you want to

Maybe it is a blessing

Maybe it is a curse

Maybe it is freedom

Maybe it is an illness

Maybe you are in your own cell of sadness

Brought on by this world’s madness

Or maybe you are

In your own cocoon of happiness

Because you walked away from this world’s mess


Oh, homeless man

I salute you

Rather than pity you

Continue your journey

With your sombrero, beads and boombox





Black Dress, Blue Scarf

Well-dressed woman

Where are you going?

I wonder

Yes, I do wonder

Are you off to work?

To a fancy, high-paying job

Are you off to fly?

To far off exotic lands

Are you off to teach?

The world’s next Nobel Laureate

Are you off to save?

A patient’s precious life?

Are you off to save?

A client’s priceless soul

Are you off to win?

Your next big case

Wherever you are off to

I admire you

Nay, I envy you

Because you see

You have somewhere to go

Something to do