Crack In The Wall

I build the wall

Brick by brick

Fill the gaps with happiness

Flimsy though it may be

I make sure

The darkness stays out

Surround my lair with rainbows

Sunlight, pictures of my puppy

The thunder clouds roll in

Demons of past mistakes

Manifest and magnify

Lightning flashes of regrets

Scorch my fragile walls

The darkness starts to spread

The waves – indolent so far

Perk up

Imbued with the strength of doom

And gloom

They grow inch by inch

Taller than my fortress

One miniscule crack, one tiny hole

That I had forgotten to seal

Betrays me

The gigantic wave turns its head towards me

I cower back

Please, Please

No – I beg silently

The thunder of failure mocks me

Asks me

Did you think you could hide?

Please, Plese

Let me be

Let me feel safe, I say

Let me hide in my fortress

I promise I won’t go seeking

For things I don’t deserve

Oh, please – I beseech

The wave rears its ugly head

Looks down on my puny fortress

It springs back

And lets LOOSE

With a ferocious roar

Smashes down onto my hut

Blows it to smithereens

I am swept away

Trying to keep myself from drowning

In the deep, dark coldness

You can never hide from me

Come be with me

The water rises above my head

The wave pulls me in

And I…..

I give in

I give up




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