Passive Onlooker

The sun rises

The birds chirp

The squirrels dart

I wait

Will today be the day?

My wishes come true

My dreams materialize

I know not

But I wait

Cars pass by

Dogs walk past

Humans run

School kids hop

I wait

Is it my time now?

Will I finally move forward?

Sun is at midpoint

The light is blinding

Drive throughs are packed

I wait

Have the stars aligned yet?

Do I have a future?

Will I be something?

The honking heralds

The return of office-goers

Dogs walked again

Children chattering, playing

The eveningbreeze

Announces the arrival

Of the end of the day

I wait

Hope still fluttering in my chest

It can still happen

I whisper fervently

And I wait

The darkness descends

Stars start to twinkle

Creatures retire for the night

And I

I still wait



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