Was I Wrong?

Yesterday, my daughter had a friend over – a friend she had not seen in a few months. When the friend’s mom showed up to pick her up, we chatted like we always do. since we hadn’t seen each other in a while, we obviously talked a lot. At one point in the conversation, the mom asked me, “So, how is your job?”

I told her it was fine. My son gave me a look of surprise at my response. I ignored him and proceeded to talk about how I wanted to switch to a public school job.

After this mom left, my son asked me why I had lied to her. He wanted to know why I didn’t just tell her the truth – that I was fired.

I explained to my son that yes, I should have told her the truth. The reason I didn’t was because it still hurt. It sill made me feel very, very bad about myself. And when people sympathized with me about the loss of my job, it did not make me feel better. in fact, it made me feel worse.

I explained to my son that was the reason I did not tell this mom  I no longer had a job.

Was I wrong? Isn’t life about self-preservation?


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