My lover

The alarm buzzes

My eyes flutter open

I reach my hand out

I check the time

Time to wake up

I don’t want to

I want to burrow

Deep into the covers

I don’t want to come out

I don’t want to face the world

I want to continue my rendezvous

With my lover – the night

He goes by various names

Darkness, misery, depression, night, gloom

i prefer darkness

He takes me into his arms

He caresses me

i feel safe

I don’t worry

Snuggled in his embrace

I don’t care about the world

I don’t like the light

The alarm blares again

I turn it off

But the light starts to pull me

I have to go

Don’t leave me, he says

Stay here with me

His seductive voice

His warm, heavy touch

Beckons me back

To the deep soft gloom

You win, I tell him

Sorry light, I say

I prefer it here

Where I am safe

Another day gone

I fall back

Into the deep abyss of darkness

Into depression’s loving arms


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