Bad Parenting

A couple of days ago, my daughter complained to me about a classmate of hers being rude and refusing to share classroom supplies. Now, let me make something clear. I am not PERFECT. I am not a GODDESS, even if I would like to be one. I am sometimes a BITCH and I am not ashamed of it.

My first response to my daughter was that this classmate of hers was Asian and that was why she did not share her colored pencils. Yes, i know that makes no sense. It is a stupid explanation and feeding into stereotypes. Like I said, I am not a freaking goddess.

But then, I gave it a little bit more thought and decided I should not prejudice my daughter this way. After all, we were also Asians.

I told my daughter that sometimes people don`t want to share, simply because they are just that way. Can you consider them to be mean and selfish? Yes, of course they are mean and selfish. But that does not mean everyone is like that.

I did explain to my daughter that she will encounter people like this throughout her life. The best thing to do is treat it as an isolated learning lesson, never talk to this person again (if she can help it) and move on.

Am I a bad parent? Depends.


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