Is there a message?

So, I finally took a giant step and signed a lease on a house and told my spouse I was moving out. Of course, I spent two hours imagining I was going to tell him. My stomach hurt, churned. I felt like throwing up and I had a headache.

Surpridingly, he took the news very calmly and agreed we needed to not be together.  He even offered to help support me financially which I thought was a very kind gesture on his part.

Then, I told my brother (not my parents yet). He was shocked but supportive.

I thought the year 2017 was starting out well. I had finally found the courage to speak up about what I wanted.

The next day, my principal called me into her office and gave me the boot. I was in shock. I still don’t know why. She gave me some reason which I didn’t quite follow.

I paid a fine to get out of my lease. Of course, I told my spouse but haven’t broken the news to my family.

As I am writing this, I wonder what message the universe is giving me. Maybe it’s a kick in my derrière to get me to go after my dreams. I have always done what was expected or what was easily available. I never thought I deserved to go after what I wanted.

Or is this a message to stay put in the life I have right now? Yes, I am unhappy but I am financially secure and the whole world including my parents think my life is going great.

How do I interpret this? Of course, mind you, I am still in shock and am not processing things logically or emotionally right now.


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