The cat, the dog and me

I sit. They sit.

I stand. They stand.

The cat gives me a look.

I am done, she says.

No more following you around.

And off she goes to do her own thing.

The dog- just a puppy, a baby.

He follows me everywhere.

Looks at me with those puppy brown eyes.

Now I know why they call it the puppy look.

You look at those eyes and you drown.

Can’t say no.

All he wants is to be cuddled.

Someone to play with, to give him attention.

As I sit and write this.

He is on the couch next to me.

His little head resting on my knee.

As he gets ready to take a nap.

He turns to look at me.

As if to ask me.

You are going to stay, are you not?

And if you leave.

You will take me with you, won’t you?

I smile at him.

Pat his head.

And he closes his eyes.

As I watch him, I think.

You and I.

We are not all that different.

I want to be loved – just like you.

I want to feel secure – just like you.

I want to trust – just like you.

I want to lay down.

Take a nap – just like you.

Maybe that is why you are here.

To make me feel loved, wanted, needed.

As I write this, my eyes feel heavy.

I put my head next to his.

We take a nap.







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