It paralyzes you.

It chokes you.

It leaves you frozen.

Unable to move.

Unable to breathe.

Unable to think.

And when you start to think..

It overwhelms you.

You don’t know where to begin.

Where do you start?

How do you start?

What if you hit rock bottom?

Sweetheart, you are already at rock bottom.

Look around you.

Yes, it’s a deep, dark hole.

You look up.

Far, far, far away – a sliver of sunlight.

You look around.

Darkness, emptiness, hopelessness.

The stench of defeat, of dreams that have dissipated like smoke.

You put a hand out and grab a piece of rock that juts out.

Your hand is cut.

It bleeds.

You gasp.

You are alive.

You feel.

You are breathing.

You lift your foot and bring it down.

You look back.

You are still standing but not stagnant.

You have moved – FORWARD.

You took your first step.

You took it.

You look back.

The light beckons you.

Invites you to dream again, to hope again, feel again.

You take another breath.

You lift your other foot and bring it down.

That’s all you can do.

Take that step.

Don’t look back.



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