In Mid-air

What do I do now?

Completely lost.

Adrift at sea.

No land in sight.

Anxious, worried on one hand.

Calm, emotionless on the other.

What is going to happen?

Will I find another job?

Should I not have quit?

Was it not a smart move?

Doubts creep in.

But something else stirs in response.

I was not happy.

I knew with certainty that I did not belong.

I knew. I just knew.

It was not the place for me.

After weeks of stress and anxiety, I quit.

Now I am on this seesaw of emotions.

Happy I quit. Unhappy I don’t have a job.

Glad I had the courage to quit.

Sad I don’t have a job.

At ease to find myself out of a stressful situation.

Unease at the thought of not having a job.

The pendulum moves in a violent motion.

The seesaw has me on the ground.

As the mood changes, the seesaw moves up ever so slowly.

The pendulum shifts in an agonizing slow motion away from the darkness.

When? When will I hang in midair in balance?






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