Am I Dumbing My Daughter Down?

This past summer, I took my daughter to the Mall of America to see a youtube celebrity called Miranda Sings. My daughter wanted to buy this celebrity’s book titled, ‘Selp-helf’. Now the title itself made me pause. What exactly is selp-helf, I wondered? Anyway, we showed up at MOA only to find out we were too late to get the book signed. So we stood on the second floor and watched for two hours as Miranda Sings hugged, signed and took pictures with the long line of fans waiting for her. I started to read through the copy of the book I had bought for my daughter while she waved and waved and screamed happily at Miranda Sings. And I was absolutely disgusted. I couldn’t understand how this book could have become a national bestseller. It was an insult to anyone with a smidgen of intelligence. It was nonsense to say the least and full of spelling mistakes.

This made me wonder. What was I doing? I mean here I was, standing for two hours watching a woman who had become famous and successful simply by being stupid. And she had written a book about it which I had bought for my daughter. In spite of being disgusted, I was letting my daughter watch this woman and even felt sad that she couldn’t get a signed copy.

I realized I was dumbing my daughter down by being a willing participant to this nonsense, yet at the same time I was trying to be a nice mom (not sure I was being a good mom considering this was an exercise in stupidity).

Should I have said no? But then, wouldn’t my child have found something else similar which was stupid and entertaining?


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