Shouldn’t I try?

I am torn – as usual.

On the one hand, I want to fight against the injustice of standardized testing – the frustrating curriculum, the tests meant to confuse the child rather than teach them.

On the other, I wonder if it is worth putting energy into this? Why get so upset about it?

I mean, I know my children will do well. I work with them, their Dad works with them. As a family, we are very invested in their education. And they are smart kids. They will be able to learn. So why should I bother?

Then I look at the children whose parents work two to three jobs to provide food and shelter for their kids. The children who have been displaced from their homes and do not have a stable family environment. What about them? Who will work with these children to teach them to take a standardized test? Who will help them to learn how to comprehend those confusing questions?

These children are being set up to fail. Shouldn’t someone speak up for them? Shouldn’t I do my duty as a human being?

Yes, it takes a lot of spiritual, emotional and mental energy to fight this battle.

Friends and family ask me why? Why do you bother? Your children are doing fine. Why do you stress yourself out?

I don’t know why. I don’t know why I can’t let go.

All I know is this – every child deserves a chance to be successful.

As a human being and a mother, doesn’t it behoove me to do my part? To ensure that every child has a fighting chance?


One thought on “Shouldn’t I try?

  1. Yes it absolutely does. You’re fighting for something you believe in…there’s nothing more honorable than that. Keep that up! Even if you make a difference in only one person’s life, all of that energy was worth it 🙂

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