My parenting style

My son started high school this year and is in the marching band. And he LOVES it! – the bonding, the camaraderie, the whole nine yards. As a parent, I am of course concerned that his circle of influence is widening and getting deeper and becoming multi-layered. I can see my influence on him starting to slowly loosen its grip. The teen years are here officially!!!

Now I have told myself several times that I won’t be one of those parents – the intrusive, possessive kind constantly watching over their kids and bemoaning the fact that their children are more interested in hanging out with their friends than their parents. Of course, easier said than done, right? To be honest, I have felt jealous, not needed and whatever else a parent would feel.

It is also interesting to note how he is blossoming considering I have been told a gazillion times that I don’t behave like a normal mother.

Yes, my parenting style is different. I don’t dictate to my son. Rather, I feel it is my duty as a parent to accompany him on his journey through life. Yes, I will guide him but then so will he – guide me, that is. I cannot and will not choose his experiences for him. I do make sure he eats healthy (to a certain extent), does his homework and takes care of himself. Other than that, he needs to make his choices and I will be there to support him without judging him. He is having fun growing up and so am I watching him grow.


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