The human emotions

This year, I decided to have less of an involvement in the PTA. I decided to be in charge of programs as opposed to being the president. I also decided that instead of getting upset and irritated about things beyond my control, I should focus solely on the job at hand. I have given myself a stern lecture – that I should not get upset because many parents don’t want to join the PTA. Many parents unfortunately don’t want to join the PTA but want the PTA to support their child. They expect everything and give nothing in return.

This led me to think- are some people successful as leaders because they are able to see the big picture? Are they able to ignore the pettiness, the small-mindedness and look at the glass as half full?

If I didn’t care enough, I would not have become the PTA president. I would have simply said let it be someone else’s responsibility. But I didn’t do that. I cared about the PTA which is why I agreed to be its leader, so the PTA could continue to do all the good work it does. But the pettiness also upset me and caused tremendous stress. I felt bitter at how selfish people were.

This led me to think deeper – so then, a person needs to be passionate about something to be involved in it, yet be dispassionate about it in order to be involved in it? How ironic!


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