For a lot of people, taking six children to a water park might be just another routine day in their lives. Not for me. For me, it was an accomplishment mentally. When I think back, I am amazed that I actually did it. I mean, the day went without a hiccup. The kids got up on time. We left on time. We got there on time and did the rides. The kids had a blast which of course included lifting and throwing me in the water, and laughing at my expression when I came down a tunnel. The best part was there was no one there to ridicule me or correct me if I did something wrong or didn’t do something right. When we were done, we got home without getting lost. And there was no one there to remind me how slow a driver I was or how misguided my sense of direction was. I felt good. I felt proud of myself. 

And then it hit me. I have chosen to live in an environment that is not conducive to my growth. It does not help me reach my potential.

The question then is – why do I stay?


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