Mixed Messages

I spent some time on self-introspection about how I picked a fight with a woman who hit my son with her suitcase. Did I do the right thing? Should I have just let it go and explained to my son that some people are rude and advised him to just brush it off? My thoughts at this point turned to my brother-in-law with whom we were staying in India. During our stay, he made a comment to me that I should leave my kids with him for six months. He said he would take a sabbatical from his work. He apparently would not raise his voice, lose his temper and would talk to my kids calmly and turn them into gems. Okay, so my kids are not quiet. They are not the sit in one corner and ‘be seen and not heard’ kind of children. They are active, robust, lively and curious children. And I encourage them to be that way. I didn’t fit the mould and I don’t care if they don’t either. I encourage them to be their own unique selves. SO when my brother-in-law said this, I was of course taken aback at first. Then I thought to myself, “Should I say something? Confront him? Defend my kids?” I ultimately let it go because I love my sister and didn’t want to cause any tension.

Now I wonder if I did the right thing. I mean, I yelled at a stranger at the airport and I keep quiet when my brother-in-law says he will mould my children into well-behaved gems. Should I have done the opposite? Kept quiet in the first situation and spoken up in the second? 

Am I giving mixed messages to my children?





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