Airport incident

After a long flight, we landed in India. Everyone was crowded around the carousel waiting for their luggage. My son was one of many waiting when the woman next to him pulled her suitcase off the conveyor belt. In the process of getting her suitcase, she smacked him in the stomach and his forehead. Instead of apologizing to him, she said, “that’s what you get for standing so close.” My son walked over to me crying and said, “I know it was an accident that she hit me. But did she have to be so mean?”

I of course got upset and walked over to her to pick a fight. We both yelled at each other and then I walked away.

My wise son pointed something out to me. He said, “Mom, you can’t change people, but next time, maybe we should just ignore it and walk away. We don’t have to be rude just because they are.”

I realized he was right. All I can say is I am a work in progress.











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