Where is the real you?

Some days its tolerable.

Others not.

But the day still needs to be dealt with.

People met with.

Chores done with.

There’s this wall in front of you.

Won’t let you be.

Stops you.

Drags you down.

Saps your energy.

You watch yourself in slow motion.

Unable to put in the effort.

The time slips by.

You do the very basic, the very minimum.

So no one will suspect.

That you are barely living.

You dread the sun coming up.

One more day of torture.

Know what’s surprising?

How nobody notices?

That you are pretending.

Pretending to be like them.

To belong.

Even though you don’t.

Know what is truly scary though?

That you have lost yourself.

You have become so good at pretense.

You can no longer find the real you.

You can feel the panic setting in.

Will you ever get out?

To be who you are?

Maybe there is no more you.

It is gone.

What you are now is who you are.

That thought fills you with dread.

Where do you start?

To find you.


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