Mental Cutting

When I was doing my undergraduate degree in psychology, I remember reading about cutters – people who cut themselves to deal with their pain and stress. Another kind of addiction. I read about how these people needed support, therapy to find alternate coping skills to deal with their pain,

 Now I look at myself. I have become a cutter. No, not physical, a mental one. When I am having a bad day, which seems to happen more often than not, I cut myself. I go over every incident, situation, person that caused me pain and misery. And I go over it again and again and again until I become numb. If I was cutting myself physically, I could probably get rid of the things I was using to cut myself. Also, it is difficult to keep cutting yourself physically because it can get infected and it becomes noticeable to others. 

How do you stop yourself from cutting mentally? Every regret, missed opportunity, insult presents one more option to cut yourself.


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