Can one person make a difference?

My son and I were having a conversation unfortunately about Charles Manson, My son wondered why Manson was charged when it was his followers who had committed the murders. So we had a discussion about how one person, one human can make a difference. One person can have a huge impact- negative or positive on humanity. We talked about Hitler who single handedly convinced his people to commit atrocities against the Jews. Yes, it was a collective group but one person was the mastermind behind it. Then I brought up Mahatma Gandhi – one individual who through his charisma, his faith and his teachings convinced a very divided nation of different religions, languages and cultures to unite and chase the British out of India.

Of course after this conversation was done, I turned on the self-analysis. I know I am in a rut- where I put myself. I feel depressed most of the time bemoaning the fact that I am not happy and that I feel like a failure. If these humans could undertake such great admirable and absolutely despicable feats, then can I not logically assume that I could also accomplish something. Isn’t that possible, doable?

And that realization hurts. Yes, I can be something. IF and that is a big IF- only IF I believe I can.

I know my goal is not to build  a nation or create an iphone. All I want to do is be a published author and lose weight. But I have to convince myself I can. Maybe then I can start the journey.


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