Conversations with a higher power? # 1

I have always believed in a God, a higher power that or maybe who keeps this world in balance.  Lately, I have been wondering, are you there? I seem to be calling on you a lot, but are you listening? You see, my dear God, I cannot question your existence. I find myself questioning enough things as it is. If I start to lose my faith in you, then I am lost. You are my frame of reference, my sense of direction. And if I don’t  believe in you, then I don’t exist. Do I need to follow a particular religion? I didn’t think so. I don’t. Is that why I am confused? Lost, struggling to find direction? Will I be better off if I followed the rituals and traditions without understanding them? I look around and see people going to Sunday school, to the temple. They seem happy with a sense of purpose. And I feel meaningless. I question my mundane life. Is my life shapeless because I don’t go to the temple? Am I searching for something most people have found?


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