Conversations with my child

I want you to learn

Learn to be responsible

Responsible and accountable

Accountable to yourself and the world

World who? You ask

Ask that I be patient

Patient and accept

Accept it is okay

Okay to be free

Free and not responsible

Responsible to get an A or first place

Place is in your mind Mama, you say

Say the world doesn’t matter

Matter or not be happy Mama

Mama it’s okay to not be competitive

Competitive others maybe

Maybe I am happy Mama

Mama I am fine living

Living in the moment

Moment of enjoyment

Enjoyment is what life should be Mama

Mama  It’s okay to BE

Be how I am

I am happy, I am nice

Nice to not be part of the rat race

Race doesn’t have to be our life Mama

Mama Relax, I will be fine

Fine, I sigh

Sigh and wonder why

Why am I trying to make you change

Change to be competitive

Competitive doesn’t mean happy

Happy child you are

Are full of love and laughter

Laughter, joy, love is what matters

Matters to me that you are happy

Happy you are as you are

Happy I shall be as you are






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