I am me

Why do people feel the need to correct me all the time?

Don’t stand like that

Don’t give your opinion

Don’t volunteer

Don’t be free with information

Why can’t I just be?

So what if I want give advice to a friend?

So what if I don’t want to eat left-overs?

So what if I want to buy someone flowers?

Why do I have to change?

When can I own myself?

I am tired of being a guest in my own life

I want to love myself

I want to pamper myself

More than anything else I want to be myself

I want to feel it’s okay to give my opnion

Not explode when I can take it no longer

I am not a child

And if I was, I should have more freedom to express myself

Am I less because I don’t have a job

Because a long time ago, I chose to stay home

My friends think I am smart and funny

Why do my near and dear ones think I am incompetent?

I am complicated, difficult

I don’t want to be tamed

I do not want to be domesticated

I am me


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