My shadow of a life

It hurts!

It hurts really bad

How is it I wonder?

That no one can see the pain

People close to me

Who supposedly know me well

Can you not feel?

Can you not tell?

Do I not look different?

My mind is gone

Completely broken and bent

A prisoner in its self-made cage

Fighting the demons of what I know not

Maybe misery, sorrow or just plain rage

Tired, enough battles I have fought

Time to throw in the towel and give in

Let life take me over

Some people win, most lose

Let me join those ranks

Countless millions plodding on

Waiting for the success ship on the banks

Isn’t it easier to let life dictate to you?

Don’t fight it. Be mediocre

That’s what most of us are

No shame in that

Acceptance just might bring some reprieve

You win life! Kudos to you!

As for me, I will amble along

Singing the defeat song


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